Guiding Principles

J esus first
E njoy relationships with Buyers & Sellers
S teadfast to Golden Rule
U nderstand Others
S tand for What is Right and Fair
C ommit to Excellence
H onesty
R espect
I ntegrity
S eek What is Best for the Seller
T ruthfulness

Since Dave’s Auctions was organized, it has seen God’s continued blessings on its growth. We genuinely care about both the seller and buyer as we seek to conduct an auction with the utmost in integrity and honesty.

A boy who grew up on a McLeansville farm, Dave has over 35 years’ experience with the City of Greensboro and the management of its fleet operations until his retirement. As a lifelong Guilford County resident, Dave has a wide range of knowledge in all types of equipment that a municipality as well as a farmer uses. His experiences include automotive, heavy duty and medium duty vehicles, construction equipment, off-road equipment, law enforcement cars, mowing equipment, and farming equipment. In addition, the government affiliation has provided him with an extensive knowledge of municipal auctions since his department had to work closely with auction companies conducting surplus auctions. (Dave’s Auctions provides auction services for Guilford Technical Community College and Guilford County Schools.) Dave’s background includes having served as the President of the North Carolina APWA Equipment Services Division and having been an active member of the National Association of Fleet Administrators.

Our life experiences include deaths and sickness of parents, family and friends, increasing our depth of understanding in working with estate and personal property auctions. Some of our auctions include working with folks who decide to sell their personal property as they seek a new way of life in a retirement community or decide to downsize from a long-time home to a condominium. Others are faced with settling estates.

We are a fully equipped mobile auction company with a terrific team of folks to serve the seller’s needs plus wireless computer system, tents, tables, wireless PA systems, industrial fans, and lots of fun and enjoyment. Also, we are licensed for entire state of our beautiful North Carolina.

Our great team of folks is comprised of seasoned auctioneers and team members with valuable experience plus hearts of gold. Our auctioneers have over 50 years of combined auctioneering experience. Our team includes folks with law enforcement background; others with a wealth of knowledge about antiques and glassware. Our primary clerk and cashiers have backgrounds in accounting and business. All of our team recognizes their positions as servants – to the Seller, the Buyer, and the Registered Bidders.

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